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Our Care

Our Residential Nursing Care is about welcoming people into a place they can call home, where friends, family and loved ones are encouraged to visit. With our Nursing Care, it is not just about providing accommodation, meals and personal assistance, we aim to ensure that all of our residents have the freedom to continue their daily life with dignity, privacy and choice.

Patient and Nurse
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Nursing Home

Nursing & Dementia  Care

Simply put, nursing care is care that is provided and supervised by registered general nurses. In the home environment they could be works as live in nurses for the elderly. Technically, in home nursing care for elderly goes beyond that provided by most domiciliary and residential caregivers. It involves clinical care that can allow people with complex conditions and care needs to be safely supported. Nursing care is routinely offered in hospitals and hospices, but 24 hour live in nursing care can also be provided in the home or in a nursing home.

Nurses are able to deal with:

  • Tracheostomies

  • Monitor ventilation

  • Complex continence issues

  • Stomas

  • Catheters

  • PEG feeding or tube feeding


Qualified nurses have the training, experience and expertise to manage these challenging issues, so that the person they care for can live comfortably and with dignity. If your loved one has no complex medical conditions and simply needs support to live independently in their own home, a home carer instead of home care nursing may be the solution you need.

We know that providing excellent care can make a huge difference to people with dementia. We provide a comfortable and secure environment that is stimulating and preserves and enhances residents life skills. We do this through reminiscence. By triggering and exploring memories of the past we build self-confidence and most importantly we aim to keep residents engaged and communicating.

Our nursing staff are experienced and well trained.  Each resident is treated as an individual and their care requirements are planned out with them in mind.

Respite Care

Short stay care, also known as Respite Care, is about giving people a well-deserved break. Our homes provide a supportive, comfortable and safe environment with expert care and attention around the clock.  Respite care is often for a week or two but can be extended to meet your requirements and can be used for a variety of reasons.

Caring for a family member or friend can be challenging and demanding, depending on the nature of their health conditions. One of the most important parts of being a carer is acknowledging you can’t do it alone all of the time and getting expert help. That’s what our respite care packages are designed for – to get you the backup you need. Whether you need a holiday, have a hospital stay of your own or simply need a break, we can help.

As experts in elderly care, we have a full range of services on offer. We have regular outings, activities and social times when residents interact with each other .  We have gardens and a relaxation lounge to help them spend time outside their room and with other people

End of Life Care

Nothing can erase the pain of facing the loss of someone you love, but end of life care can help support the whole family and allow your loved one to pass on in comfort and dignity.

The term end of life care can seem negative and final, however it’s important to realise that receiving this kind of care doesn’t mean that death is imminent or that the medical teams have given up on your loved one. At this challenging time, accessing care can be a very positive step. There will be the support to manage symptoms and maintain comfort and wellbeing, which will maximise joy and fulfilment.

From that definition, it’s clear that end of life care involves careful control of pain and other symptoms, but that it also extends far beyond this. It is a uniquely frightening and stressful time and the whole family should be supported practically, socially and psychologically. This can mean assistance with matters like feeding, bathing and toileting, help to come to terms with the diagnosis and the space to make the most of the time you have left. When the time comes, your loved one should be allowed to die in peace in the place of their choice.

Our nursing staff are experienced and well trained.  Each resident is treated as an individual and their care requirements are planned out with them in mind.

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