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Our Services

Bryher Court Nursing Home provides an array of daily services to our Nursing Home, helping our community members live their lives with dignity, purpose, and meaning. If your loved one requires Physical Therapy or would like to sign up for Newspaper delivery, we offer many options and opportunities for fulfilling experiences.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Help at hand

Help from our Administration Team is available during normal working hours. Our Team can assist with any queries regarding finance, benefits, legal matters or general administration issues.


A selection of toiletries is kept on the premises for residents to purchase if they wish usually from our Care Team.  The Care or Administration Team can buy requisites from the chemist, who delivers twice daily, on behalf of some residents. Any other shopping required e.g. stationery, stamps etc. please enquire at reception – we are here to help


Visiting is allowed at any reasonable time. Visitors can arrange to come for lunch by making arrangements through either the Care or Administration Team.

Staying in Touch

When telephoning in-coming calls go through our telephone auto-attendant where you can be directed to the correct Team..


We have both WhatsApp and Team set up to talk to your loved ones, please contact our Activities Team so they can assist with the call -


Mail can of course be handed in to reception for posting.

We can provide paper and envelopes for letter writing. Newspapers, magazines etc. may be ordered on your behave.

Medical Services


We have a local GP who supports Bryher court Nursing home.


If a doctor prescribes physiotherapy through the NHS, either a domiciliary visit will be arranged or an outpatient appointment made where appropriate.  Private physiotherapy can be arranged through the Home.  A separate charge will be made for this service. Our staff assist residents to follow any exercise programme put in place by the Physiotherapist.



If a resident is entitled to chiropody treatment through the NHS this is organised through their GP.  Private chiropody is available through the Home at an extra charge.  The visiting chiropodist calls every six weeks.


Residents wishing to see a dentist or optician will be required to pay the appropriate charges. We have specialists who can treat patients at the home but every help will be given with transportation etc. if this is required.

Personnel Services


A visiting hairdresser will perm, cut and set etc, which is charged for separately.  If necessary the nursing staff can wash the residents’ hair as appropriate.



Any magazines, newspapers etc can be ordered for delivery to the Home, an extra charge will be made for this.


A choice of normal and large print books is available by request; there is also a music/audio book selection available too. Contact reception for further information. Audio and specialist books are available through the RNIB and this can be arranged with our coordinators.


Visitors are welcome to bring pets to visit. The management will consider the accommodation of other pets on an individual basis.


Residents’ birthdays are always remembered with cards and a birthday cake for tea, to which family and friends are welcome.  The staff are always pleased to help in any way if a residents wish to go out, or to have a celebration in the Home.


Is available throughout the home, we also have Tablets available for residents use and our Activities Co-ordinator is always on hand to help get you connected to your family and friends.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere with in the building of Bryher Court.  We do not like or encourage the activity but residents will be assisted to smoke outdoors as they have the right to exercise their free will.

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