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Our Daily Routine

At Bryher Court we the day is structured around each individual residents needs, we have a daily routine, where by breakfast, lunch and dinner are served a given time but the rest of the days is for you to plan at your leisure.  We have activities that run both morning and afternoon in the lounge and for those who prefer to stay in the room, a convenient time can be booked with the Activities Co-ordinator.

At Bryher Court rising in the morning is at your leisure. Early morning tea and coffee are available on request.

Breakfast is usually served between 8am and 9am and most of our residents prefer to have breakfast in their room, and then receive assistance if needed to wash and dress and be ready for the day ahead. If you choose to have a bath or shower we have several bathing options available to hopefully suit your needs, and wet rooms too on three floors. Bubbles are available on request!

Mid- morning tea and coffee is served with biscuits around 10.30 – 11am every day and is served to you wherever you may be – in the lounge, the conservatory, garden and of course your room.

After you have finished your morning activities, our two course lunch is served between 12.30 and 1.30. We encourage residents to have lunch in the conservatory, however this will be served to you in your room if you prefer.

Following your meal, during our lovely spring and summer days, residents often go outside for afternoon activities or a gentle snooze in the sun, and before you know it afternoon tea and cake are served at 3pm.

There is often an afternoon film to watch on the television in the lounge, and visitors come and go throughout the day.

If you happen to have a Birthday, this is celebrated with our staff with a cake and candles and a sing song.

As the evening arrives supper is served. This is two courses and again served wherever you are.  Tea and coffee are always on hand as are other cold drinks throughout the day. Some of our residents have their own snacks and alcoholic drinks for their enjoyment.


When you are ready to retire for the night, care staff are at hand to assist with your care needs and settle you for the night. Evening drinks of horlicks, hot chocolate ovaltine are served from 8.30pm.

Over time some residents choose to make friends with our staff and they enhance each other’s lives.

Gardening Together


Meals are always a high point of each day. We concentrate on traditional English Food. A full range of meals is available from our well-equipped kitchen and suggestions are always welcome. Good food is important to health.

We source as much of our quality ingredients locally, to support our local community, such as fresh vegetables, free range eggs and locally caught fresh fish. We have been using the same local butcher for over 20 years.


Our cooks know how to prepare tasty nutritious meals from scratch and their food is well liked by our residents – and quite a few visitors!  Our cooks are very versatile in their cooking and we have many themed days in addition to our outline Menu.  We do not serve premade dinners that are simply reheated in the home!

Special dietary requirements are catered for. Meals are available for visitors on request. There is always a choice for every meal. The menu is simply a suggestion – patients can order alternative meals if they wish.

Meals can be served in a resident’s room, in the lounge on a small individual table, at a dining table in the conservatory or even in the garden (weather permitting).


We encourage our residents to socialise at lunchtime, perhaps with a glass of wine if they wish. Morning coffee, afternoon tea and night-time drinks are served in addition to three meals per day – tea or coffee is available for visitors.


We have a permanent activity coordinators at Bryher Court to help keep residents busy and interested during their day. There are a numerous varied activities such as, music and exercise, quizzes, crafting, cooking, art and drawing, board games, garden games when the weather is appropriate and so on.  Regular visits from local Petting zoo and the Owners dogs come in for fuss and attention.   We will always try to assist with individual interests such as gardening.

If residents are unable to come down and join in, then the activity can come to you in your room!  Some residents prefer to stay in their room where they will see visitors or perhaps have a chat with.     Visits are undertaken throughout the home, so that everyone has a chance to feel part of Bryher Court. Residents are free to come and go to visit or go to the shops from the home and our carers often volunteer to accompany them on trips out.

Shopping trips and outings are arranged according to the wishes of our residents. We have a good level of Family and friends involvement in our activities, such as barbeques, garden fetes and other themed get-togethers.  Friends and families are always welcome to join in with any activities or events.

The summer fete or garden party is a big hit where everyone gets involved either by making things, having a small stall, assisting on the day in all sorts of ways or just by attending and having tea and cakes!  Staff, families and friends bring their children and they play on a bouncy castle

Our year is rounded off at Christmas time with traditional Christmas decorations and carol concerts from church choirs or the children’s school. Normally some kind of professional seasonal entertainment will be booked as well.   Residents Families and friends enjoy a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie as we celebrate this festive season.

Click here to see some of the past activities and check out our Facebook page for up to day events and activities

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